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MWI Office Supply Rewards Program

MWI Office Supply customers are rewarded for making their office products purchases on-line! Earn one (1) loyalty point for every dollar you spend on office products. Loyalty Points can be redeemed at any time for the Reward Items listed below.

  • No need to sign-up.
  • No need to track points.
  • Our system does it for you!

Want to know how many points you have? Log in to your account and click the shopping cart icon to find out. Your current points balance is conveniently displayed on the Shopping Cart screen. Choose an item below based on the number of points you have to redeem. The Reward Item is added to your shopping cart at no charge and shipped with your office products order.

Qualifying Items to Spend Points


 150 Points

Neat Treats for Dogs

Item Number: 510250

Redeem Now

 150 Points

Neat Treats for Cats

Item Number: 510252

Out of Stock

 300 Points

LifeSavers WintOGreen

Item Number: LFS88504

Redeem Now

 300 Points

LifeSavers PepOMint

Item Number: LFS88503

Redeem Now

 500 Points

Screen Shammy

Item Number: FALMCSS

Redeem Now

 600 Points

DuoClenz Chews

Item Number: 510058

Redeem Now

 750 Points

Danish Butter Cookies

Item Number: OFX53005

Redeem Now

 800 Points

Animal Crackers

Item Number: SFF11017

Redeem Now

 1000 Points

Puppy Mouse Pad

Item Number: FEL5916401

Redeem Now

 1250 Points

Cat Notes Dispenser

Item Number: MMMCAT330

Redeem Now

 1500 Points

Dry Erase Marker Kit

Item Number: SAN80556

Redeem Now

 1500 Points

Pretzel Snaps

Item Number: SNY1011039

Redeem Now

 2000 Points

Swedish Fish

Item Number: CDB43146

Redeem Now

 5000 Points

Urban Laptop Backpack

Item Number:USLUBN7014

Redeem Now